• DUST BOND® is a high performance dust suppressant and soil stabilizer that has been specially formulated using an adhesive petroleum resin suspended in a stable emulsion.  It was developed to be the “environmentally friendly solution” to replace prohibited waste oils and by-products which harmed the environment.  Immediately after being sprayed on a dusty surface, the resin attaches to the dusty fine particles, clustering them into particles too large to become airborne.  In other words, “It makes the dust too heavy to fly.”

  • How DUST BOND® works - The water used to dilute Dust Bond® softens surface tension and lets the resin penetrate below the surface.  Penetration improves compaction as the resinous material coats large pieces of aggregate and attracts the small particles to form a solid mass.

  • Why DUST BOND® is your best choice - Other dust suppressants are either waste by-products or “other purpose” products that have been adapted to dust control.  Some are effective at dust control, but none have all of the performance features found with DUST BOND®

DUST BOND® is environmentally friendly and is not considered a hazardous material by the EPA or DOT.  Dust Bond will not harm vegetation.

DUST BOND® can be applied during cold weather as long as the surface is not frozen.  It can be applied shortly after a rain shower or three hours before a rain without a diminished result.

DUST BOND® penetrates the surface.  It doesn’t track or pick up on tires, shoes or pets.

DUST BOND® will not leach or wash into wells, streams or ponds.  It stays where it is applied.

DUST BOND® accumulates with repeated applications which further strengthens the road surface and increases the resistance to pothole formation.