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Construction & Mining

Long hours, extreme loads, severe operating conditions, production goals to meet. Just another day on the job site. This is no place to cut corners. Your equipment is the lifeblood of your business and to maximize productivity it requires exceptional lubricants. This is when industry leaders turn to Chevron.  Chevron Delo is known for cutting-edge technology and performance.


Commercial Transportation

Profitability in the highly competitive transportation industry requires that your vehicles are on the road working.  Downtime is lost profits and missed deadlines.  Top fleet managers trust Chevron to optimize equipment availability and keep operating costs down. Ullman Oil can develop a customized maintenance program incorporating industry leading Chevron lubricants to improve your productivity and reduce operating costs.



American manufacturers have proven to be world class.  But it remains a globally competitive market and success depends on productivity.  Equipment must run smoothly with minimum downtime.  Accomplishing this requires the proper lubricants and maintenance program.  Our expertise combined with industry leading products from Chevron can build a custom lubrication program to improve productivity and equipment reliability.


Power Generation

Generating energy is an around-the-clock industry and equipment reliability is mission critical.  Whether hydroelectric, gas or coal-fired, combined cycle or landfill gas, power plant managers depend on the quality and performance of Chevron lubricants to keep the lights on 24/7.  Our products are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions including high load, temperature and moisture.  Combined with condition monitoring services, our program is designed to insure reliability to all of the plant's critical equipment:  turbine, pumps, compressors, and gearboxes.



Primary Metals

Increasing productivity, reducing downtime, and lowering cost.  This is the challenge in producing our nation's metal requirements.  Equipment operates continuously and under the most severe conditions and loads.  Equipment reliability requires a comprehensive maintenance program combined with carefully selected, competitively priced, high performing lubricants.  Metal producers can rely on our industry expertise and Chevron lubricants to meet their needs for productivity and reliability.


Natural Gas

Natural gas engines operate in extreme conditions and over long periods of time.  In many cases, natural gas engines have to deal with varying feeds of gas.  Chevron offers a slate of premium quality natural gas engine oils to provide extended drain intervals, low maintenance costs and equipment reliability.


Quick Lubes and Installers

It's a fact.  Drain intervals for automobiles continue to increase.  It is also true that changing oil remains the most consistent automotive service required by car owners.  Your business success demands that you distinguish yourself from the competition and create customer loyalty to generate repetitive business.  Ullman Oil and Chevron have a number of installer programs which are available to achieve your business objectives.

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